Nowadays, there is more to a product than quality. You can find plenty of quality products across the market, but product experience is something else. That is where bespoke packaging comes in. Even with a great product, your customer will be disappointed if it is delivered in an ill-fitting and battered brown box. It will create a negative impression and you have to work hard to regain their trust.

Packaging is a part of marketing strategy. Like we’ve said, having a great product is only half of the battle. To make it stand out, you need to convince the customer that you are the superior choice. How can you do that? Through well-designed and thought packaging.  

It displays the brand’s identity, protects the product, and grabs the attention of the consumers. Every company sells their products to their customers in branded and custom printed packaging boxes. Failing to see the outer packaging as a marketing element could spell disaster.

In this article, we will dig deep into the advantages of packaging solutions. 

Advantages of Packaging

Unique and one-of-a-kind packaging should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. This is a fact!

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. But only a handful of products may not need branded packaging and those are for customers who need discretion. It may be some expensive products or items that require anonymity.

With online shopping and remote working being the norm, the packaging gives the customers a first taste of the product without actually seeing it. Thus, it has to be exceptional.

It comes across all sectors, but the most crucial we’ve seen so far is in the food industry. Nowadays, customers are expecting gourmet-quality foods delivered with their presentation rivalling the taste. 

Let us talk about the advantages of creating custom printed packing boxes for your products.

  1. It protects the product

Having the right packaging can hold and protect the product inside. This is a number one requirement for online selling. You need to ensure that your packaging can protect the product while in transit from the origin to the customers.

While there are generic packaging available in standard sizes, some may not fit your product perfectly. Customised packaging is designed and made specifically for the product. As such, your product can safely reach the customers without damage or dent. And you know what it means, happy customers who will most likely buy your product again.

     2. It can keep your customers safe

Related to the first advantage of bespoke packaging boxes, when you keep your product safe, you are also keeping your customers safe. This refers to food products, which requires compliance to listing the expiry dates, ingredients, nutritional value, and allergens on the packaging.

For non-food products, it is also important to list down the ingredients and any chemicals, hazardous or not that the product contains. It will ensure that the product is properly handled. 

Listing the toxic and harmful substances on the product’s packaging may negatively affect your brand’s reputation. But when you maintain full transparency and safety for your product, you will win loyal customers. It also helps your first-time customers to avoid harm, which could harm your brand more.

      3. Builds brand awareness

Tiffany is identified with its robin-egg blue hue packaging. It is a widely recognized colour that is synonymous with the luxury house. That is the impact of packaging on your brand – awareness. The packaging that contains your product provides information about your message, what you can offer, and about your brand. 

When your product needs a strong presence on social media, having unique and eyecatching packaging will surely help.

      4. Attract customer’s attention

Marketing strategists list custom packaging as an important component in capturing the customer’s attention. Tailoring your packaging to represent, fit, and elevate your product, automatically adds higher credibility to your brand.

Creating a good first impression is what the packaging is for since it is the first thing that customers encounter. Most customers also base their purchase decision on the packaging. Hence, you have to make a good first impression.

      5. Create a great customer experience

Social media, like we have said earlier, provides a significant platform to promote products and services. When you go through the feed, you’ll find unboxing videos here and there. If you are not familiar with them, these are videos that show new products as they are unwrapped. 

 If the customer purchases a product with excellent packaging, they will be more inclined to document the real-time action via unboxing. It not only captures real-time customer experience but allows you to make improvements on the packaging.

As a product creator, creating memorable and one-of-a-kind packaging will provide a valuable experience to your customers, leaving an impression to the potential buyers as well.

       6. Combining practicality and functionality

Packaging combines practicality and functionality to help your product stand out from your competitors. For example, the introduction of resealable packaging. It helps to maintain the freshness and flavour of the product and maintain its shelf life. Since custom packaging can provide solutions to customers, your product will most likely catch the eye and get the attention it deserves.

       7. Reduce shipping costs

Although custom packaging may cost more than conventional packaging, it can help you save on shipping. This is evident when shipping small and lightweight products. When you opt for pre-made packaging, there is rarely a kind that fits a product perfectly. If this is the case, you might end up paying the extra for the unneeded packaging.


It does not matter what your product is, the role of bespoke packaging is to elevate it and give your customers the best impression. On the marketing side, it sets the tone and connects the product and the brand. 

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