Have you seen a Tiffany box? Notice how recognizable it is? And even without seeing the label, you know what it is.

That is how powerful packaging for the jewellery business is. It can impact the brand and leave a mark in the minds of the consumers. In the same way as consumers can get attracted to beautiful pieces of jewellery. 

One thing is for sure when it comes to selling jewellery, the way you package them is a reflection of the quality and value of the pieces. It could affect the overall sales.If you are in the jewellery business, you need to read this article. 

Read on as we discuss some significant ideas about jewellery packaging and tips to get the most out of it.

What are the Different Types of Jewelry Packaging

There are many types of packaging that jewellers can choose from. In the end, the choice depends on the type or brand of jewellery. Here are some options for packaging for your jewellery business.

Budget Packaging

If you are selling your jewellery in mass quantities, budget packaging is the most obvious and cost-effective choice. These packages are available in bulk. The choices include plastic jewellery tags and hangers, packaging sleeves, cellophane or faux velvet display cards. 

This type is the most appropriate choice if you are planning to sell your jewellery to retailers as they will most likely rebrand and display them in their shops.

Display Packaging

One factor that could influence your choice of packaging for the jewellery business is how you want to display the merchandise. Most popular jewellery retailers use lighted glass display cases. Others use ornamental cases that come along with the purchase. Adding materials of different textures like silk, velvet or gossamer to the cases can add a touch of luxury.

Organic Packaging

Most handmade or artisan pieces of jewellery are often matched with organic packaging or sustainable packaging techniques. There are plenty of materials to choose from including hemp, recycled paper, fabric or handmade paper. You can add artistic flair to add a handcrafted touch to unique jewellery items. It gives the product a competitive edge over the mass-produced version because it gives a one-of-a-kind vibe.

Elaborate Packaging

Sometimes you have to go big to add value to the product you are selling. This applies to large production volumes or special jewellery gifts where the client wants to present them in beautiful packaging. Elaborate packaging can come in custom-embossed jewellery boxes, traditional velvet cases or jewellery tins with logos.

Branding Packaging

As mentioned, the packaging for the jewellery business can serve as a branding or marketing tool, as long as you are consistent in using the company’s image. 

The best strategy is to develop a store logo and brand colour that you can use at every point of purchase. This way, your clients can identify you and remember your jewellery business.

Ideas to Make your Packaging for Jewelry Business Stand Out

From the jewellery case to the shopping bag and other points of sale, each part of the jewellery packaging can add to the consumer’s experience. It takes more than high-quality materials and on-brand design to create outstanding jewellery packages. Here are some ideas on how to make it unique.

Make it an experience

Are you fond of watching unboxing videos? What if this video is about your product? How can you deliver a delightful experience to your customers? 

Well, you can by prolonging the unwrapping experience. Add extra layers to your wrapping process. Think of an elaborate box within a box or extra layers of tissue paper. All these ideas can leave a lasting experience for the consumers.

Create a unique packaging

Custom jewellery boxes can be easily recognizable as the product. Adding your colour palette and logo can help the customer remember your brand when they decide to buy from you in the futile. 

You can commission professional typography to match your brand. It will ensure that the consumer can identify your product and packaging.

Be inventive

Packaging for the jewellery business should not stick to standard bags and boxes. You can try different packaging ideas – as long as these can accommodate the shape and size of your merchandise. It is not bad to try revolutionary ideas like tiny jars or lip balm tubes. Who knows? It could be the thing your customers will remember you for?

Leave the packaging with a reminder

Add a business card or your contact information to your jewellery packaging. This is a good idea for startups as you want to make your customer know exactly where to find you when they need a special gift or something for themselves.

Add something extra

Once you have made a final design for your jewellery packaging, you can give your customer an incentive that links back to your online or offline store. Some examples are discount codes or vouchers to show your clients how you value their business.

A small “Thank You” card would suffice. If you can address the recipient by their names, then it will be a personal touch that would make your customer choose you over other jewellery brands. 

Consider the cost

While getting creative with jewellery packaging can provide lasting impressions with customers, it should not affect the overall cost of the product. The materials you use to create your packaging should not make a dent in its cost. Try to keep the cost at a minimum, so that it will not impact the customer. You can keep things simple by using low-cost materials and adding unique details that do not cost an arm or leg. 

Wrapping It Up!

Whether you want to sell your products online or in stores, the packaging for your jewellery business is vital in supporting your business. It is a crucial opportunity to make a long-lasting impression, build your brand, and outrun your competition. 

While you need packaging to protect your jewellery, you should not sacrifice design, style, and overall aesthetics. 

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