When you have fabulous pieces of jewellery to sell, what would be the next step? The designs, especially if they are unique, can sell themselves. But when you present it well, it adds charm to the piece and increases its perceived value. That is how vital jewellery packaging ideas is.

Even if you have the most beautiful creation, it is not guaranteed it will sell. Unless it is a preordered custom piece. The truth is, 95% of the new products fail. And the reason behind it is the customer doesn’t have time to weigh the pros and cons of buying the product. 

In short, they need a shortcut to hasten their decision to buy. And that aid comes in the form of product packaging. It is a powerful tool that comes across all products, including jewellery.  

Whether you are selling the product online or in physical stores, the packaging for jewellery plays a critical role in supporting your business. With great packaging, you will have an invaluable opportunity to create a positive impression, build your brand, and win the customers over your competition. 

Packaging is as Important as Jewellery

Have you thought about why Tiffany’s iconic robin’s egg blue packaging is more recognizable than its jewellery? The same is true for Apple as people love the clean, minimalist design of its box as much as its contents

All of these are testaments to the power of packaging. For your brand to stand out, you need to have a unique design. Although jewellery is the main focal point of the purchase, the packaging creates the total brand experience. It not only makes the whole buying experience enjoyable but also enhances the overall experience with the product.

Designing a Unique Jewellery Box

Pieces of jewellery do not come cheap and if the packaging should indicate the nature of the purchase, it makes the buyer feel valued, even without seeing the content of the box. The packaging should exude quality, and its contents should be treasured and loved. 

Adding extra meaningful touches, for one, can elevate the look of the jewellery box. It should be given special thought and attention to create anticipation while opening the packaging. The logo, even if it is small, is an instant give-away. However, adding special touches can elevate the whole experience.

Additional things like a bow or ribbon, embossed or engraved brand name, a care card on a special paper, are just some examples that can build and position the brand.

Colours and materials are two vital components that can elevate the overall look of the jewellery box. Black has long been a standard colour for jewellers as it mirrors uncompromising luxury and sophistication. However, brilliant colours are now the trend, along with brilliant whites and soft creams. Other companies are experimenting with blues, pinks, gold, and other hues,

As to the material, velvet is no longer the norm, and more brands are experimenting with others like wood to make it more unique and give personality to the brand.

Innovative Jewellery Packaging Ideas

Design is important in creating the most ideal packaging for jewellery as unique as your offer.  And you need to put some serious thought into it and maybe, incorporate these ideas into your design.

Sustainable Packaging

Nowadays, consumers and companies have shifted their gears towards more sustainable packaging solutions. This trend is not hard to ignore, even for jewellery boxes. With the right service provider, there are eco-friendly materials to use that will not hamper style.

Some packaging materials that can be an eco-friendly alternative solution, include recyclable paper, nonwoven plastic materials, plant-based options, sustainably sourced wood, and cotton substrates, to name a few.

Using these materials, you reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Customers will love your brand for that.

Reusable Packaging

Aside from eco-friendly materials, you can also help by designing multi-purpose packaging to get more mileage for your brand. It can be a reusable shopping tote or drawstring bag or a reusable jewellery box and pouches. You can use durable materials like nylon, vinyl, cotton, or polyester for consumers to repurpose the packaging.

Packaging with Unconventional Features

Your jewellery might be the star of the show, but it is the packaging that the customer sees first. How can you grab their attention? Push the envelope and go beyond the traditional route.

Try adding luxurious flair with intriguing designs, bright colours, and unique features. You can also use foil stamping, embossing, or debossing for the brand name and logo. Better yet, add a die-cut window to showcase the jewellery. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitation would be your imagination. 

Use non-traditional techniques and features that turn an ordinary jewellery box into a display item for the dresser.

Branded Deliveries

Online shopping in the jewellery industry is becoming more competitive. Since your customer is anticipating the delivery of their ordered jewellery, make the experience extraordinary with delightful packaging.

You can stand out among the sea of plastic pouches and cardboard boxes with branded and customised boxes and other packaging solutions. Add your logo and company colours for visual identity. Add custom inner packaging too, while you are at it.

Add Fun, Finishing Touches

After you have completed your packaging, incorporate finishing touches to make the unboxing experience memorable and help your brand stand out. Try using custom tissue seals, thank you notes, product brochures, and other decorative inserts. You can also add a gift card holder for a more personalised touch. Tie it all up with a simple ribbon in your company colours.

Wrapping It Up

One of the most luxurious forms of product packaging is jewellery boxes. Make your customer’s experience as luxurious and memorable as your product with a perfect design to match. While you need functional packaging to protect your product, it should not sacrifice style and innovation in the process. Find a service provider like NuPash that can create innovative and one-of-a-kind packaging solutions.