Aside from launching a great product, you need great packaging to make sure that your product looks awesome, sells well, and stands out on the shelves. How you choose and design your packaging is crucial in today’s competitive market.

You can find plenty of packaging types that can work with different products and they come in different designs too. One of them is pouch packaging. Different kinds of pouch packaging are taking the packaging world by storm due to their incredible versatility.

Let us take a deep dive into the many types of pouch packaging and other details that are critical in choosing the best for your products.

What is Pouch Packaging?

If there is an award for the most flexible packaging, hands down it should be for a pouch packaging. This type of packaging can be made of film, foil, spout and cap fitment to support flowable liquid products. 

With these qualities, you can tell that different types of pouch packaging have the consumers in mind. Its different sizing options can answer any requirements. Another characteristic of pouch packaging is it can accommodate products that need to be stored in ambient temperatures and products that require freshness for long periods. 

Pouches are compact, lightweight, and have minimal impact on waste as they are made of flexible materials that break down easily. There are also recyclable packaging options that are good for the environment

Well-designed pouches can be made from plastic film, aluminium foil, vapour deposited film or other materials depending on the product type and the shelf-life requirements. These packages can come in shapes and functions which can enhance the value of the product. They are made in a controlled and clean environment, thus providing superior quality pouches that are useful to consumers. 

Properties of Flexible Packaging Pouches

Here are the other properties of pouch packaging that could convince you why it is the best choice. 

  • Sealability – Pouch packaging should have quality sealing technology to ensure that it can withstand high pressures and temperatures. 
  • Resealability – Another great feature that you can find in many pouch packaging is its resealability. You can take a few of the products and reseal them to preserve their freshness.
  • Conserves Resources – Pouch packaging is sustainable because it uses less material than plastic bottles. They are also resealable.
  • Limitless Design – Different types of pouch packaging can come in varied shapes, sizes, and designs. Thus, it adds value to the product.
  • Convenience – Pouch packaging can provide convenience to consumers. For example, some of these packages are designed to be microwaveable. 

Popular Types of Flexible Packaging Pouches

With the recent development of new packaging materials, designers and manufacturers are presenting consumers with an endless variety including boxes, cartons, bottles, displays, cans, flexible packaging, etc. Among these options, – pouch packaging stands out because it is effective in protecting contents and delivering convenience.

Here are the most popular versions of pouch packaging:

Stand Up Pouches

The most popular version of pouch packaging is the stand-up pouches. One of the highlights of its design is the wide face and back along with the bottom which allows this style to stand on a store shelf and at the same time, provide a large amount of room to custom print or apply a label.

Aside from custom printing, stand up pouches or stand bags as they are called have other available features including tear notches, zip locks, gas valves, and hang holes. It can hold products ranging from dry goods like spices, snacks, coffee and tea as well as non-food items. You can find different bottom gussets for stand up pouches and it all depends on the weight and volume of the product.

Flat Barrier Bags

Another popular style of pouch packaging is the flat barrier bag. It is also known as the 3-side seal bag. In flat-barrier bags, there is no bottom gusset. Therefore it cannot stand on its own. What many manufacturers do is to put a hang hole on them to put on display.

Flat barrier bags are perfect for small items weighing as low as one pound. They can either be hanged or laid flat. Options for sealing flat barrier bags can be zip locks, tear notches, or hang holes. Most of these pouches are recyclable and landfill-friendly.

Spouted Stand Up Pouches

Spouted stand-up pouches are specially designed for liquids and it is becoming quite popular nowadays. Its design is similar to stand up pouches. As such, it can stand effectively on shelves and hold liquids like juices, alcohol, soap, and even fluid chemicals. 

They are designed to substitute bottles and jars. Therefore, they have a spout and cap at the centre on the top or side. Spouted stand up pouches take only a fraction of the room that other containers required for liquid packaging to store and ship. They are also recyclable and landfill-friendly.

Flat Bottom Bags

Flat bottom flexible box bags are relatives of stand up pouches. They are usually made from multiple layers of barrier film and have a wide face and back like the stand bag while the side has side and bottom gussets. Because of this design, it can hold more liquid than the traditional stand-up pouch.

From a marketing perspective, all the gussets are perfect for custom printing and they can be made with tear notches, zip locks, hang holes, and gas valves. They are created to copy a box and fold cartons. 

Vacuum Pouch Packaging

The vacuum pouch packaging keeps the product fresh without affecting the product’s quality. It is mostly used in food to keep them fresh for a long time with vacuum sealing. It protects the foods from moisture and can contain dried food, meat or tea, or any type of food that needs to be kept fresh. 

Pillow Pouch Chips Packaging

The world is pacing at a faster rate, and with our busy lives and schedules, we are used to getting something convenient to carry, and then dispose of. There is no other packaging to match this than pillow pouch chips packaging. 

Wrapping It Up!

These are some of the most popular types of pouch packaging. They are as diverse as the products they hold. With the continuous demand from manufacturers and consumers, the flexible packaging industry, where pouch packages belong, will continue to come up with innovative styles that are cost-effective while protecting the contents.