People often depend their buying decision on what they see. They choose products based solely on their packaging design. It is not surprising as product packaging serves as a brand ambassador. And bad or poorly designed packaging can make a great product forgettable. 

Product packaging is the most powerful sales and marketing tool for any company – established or startup. The best food  packaging can deliver an enticing message to the consumers who are looking for new products to try.

A simple pouch for a food product can serve its purpose.  But it will not stop the customers in their tracks and reach out to the product on the shelves. It will not convince them to throw it in their shopping cart. You need a little oomph to make it happen.

If you are in the food business and have not changed your food packaging in years or you are in the process of launching a new product, here are the latest trends in modern packaging design that you should know.

Latest Trends in Food Packaging 

The best food packaging trends are worth noting if you want your brand to make a punch and give it a competitive advantage. Pick from any of these trends now!

  1. Technology-based packaging solutions

Smart packaging solutions are one of the trends that came out in 2021 and they will be at the forefront of food packaging this year. It is also one of the best strategies to present and add value to an otherwise boring packaging.

Why is technology-based packaging at the forefront? It is because it eases interaction with the customer and provides them with more information about the product and connects with the brand easily.

These food packages are not only a fad, but they also offer the best user experience too. Technology-enabled solutions can be accessed using a smartphone or gadgets with QR codes to level up the user experience.

What happens when you integrate QR codes into your packaging? Adding QR codes can redirect your customers to your online information.  You can lead them to your website and show them a story of how the product is made. Or you can use it as a platform for your customer to better understand your brand. 

  1. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly food packaging

The trend for sustainable packaging has been going on for a long time now and it serves as a way to help save the environment. And it seems that it is not going anywhere. 

Sustainable food packaging uses less natural resources. It benefits the company on the profit level because it enables them to spend less while advocating for sustainability at the same time. That gives the brand a positive image on the social responsibility front.

They can improve it further by incorporating QR codes that direct them to a website. Instead of printing brochures for product awareness, this is an innovation opportunity that is paperless. It will save companies from printing thousands of pages that are costly and harmful to the environment. 

  1. Transparent packaging

People like brands that are transparent and honest. And what better way to do it than introducing transparent packaging. 

It means that you are being honest with the customers. Another way to display honesty is to list down the ingredients clearly and thoroughly. It should include the ingredients that might be harmful to some people. 

Transparency also includes telling your brand story through the packaging. One example, if your brand is actively participating in social issues like climate change, you can use the packaging to deliver the message.  Transparent packaging designs create a sense of trust and connection.

  1. Packaging that tells a story

Customers are fond of hearing a brand’s personal story. What a more convenient way to do it than in your food packaging.  It can engage people and create more trust and connection to the brands. 

However, products alone cannot tell a story. But your best food packaging can be when you have an innovative designer who can capture that.

There are a myriad of ways to tell a story through your packaging. For a beverage, one classic example is to design a comic series. You can sustain the momentum and keep them engaged when you launch new product releases.

Stories on food packaging can play an influential role to strengthen your brand’s identity.

  1. Minimalist food packaging

Minimalism has a huge following among best food packaging designers. While some packaging went towards the extravagant and cluttered kind, many have embraced a more simple path with clear labelling and clutterless design.

Simplicity and minimalism go hand in hand and the trend is going into the future. Minimalists are winning with their advocacy that less is more. It is not surprising considering that with less clutter, they can highlight more of the products. 

Keeping the design clean and simple, not only makes the packaging clean, elegant, and refreshing to the eyes but also reduces the cost of manufacturing.

  1. Customised packaging

The demand for a more personalised style of food packaging is one of the leading trends that will continue in years to come. 

There is a trend pointing to more customised packaging designs that bridge the gap and connect the needs of the consumer with the reality of the product. With strong demand for products, food packaging personalization is becoming the trend. 

Consumers need their food to meet their unique demands and changing needs. The best food packaging must have some personal elements that can help meet these challenges. Although it can be an expensive option for small businesses, there are packaging companies that can offer cheaper alternatives like customised bags, boxes, stickers, or gift tags that strengthen the brand’s appeal and recall.

  1. Vintage packaging

We are going retro! 

The last several years have seen the resurgence of designs from many decades back. And innovative brands have embraced this trend with vintage designs. People love them for their historical value, and it has a sweet spot between the old and new. 

Vintage designs are sleek, familiar and timeless. This concept can fit into many packaging requirements. 


The design trends in food packaging change based on the consumer’s demand, tastes, and needs. If you have not updated your packaging in a while. It is high time you should. You can take some ideas from these latest in best food packaging trends. Create a design that would perfectly represent your brand and product by creating a sense of trust and belonging with your customers.